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New Agenda Additions

I'm convinced that my life without agendas would be a complete and utter mess. A total train wreck, something so disorganized that even TLC wouldn't know what to do with me. Do we give her a show? Do we give her some help? Do we just slowly back away until we can make a break for it?

We were always given free planners every year in middle school and in high school, but it wasn't until senior year that I decided to start purchasing my own agendas because the school ones were quite ugly. I couldn't carry around an ugly planner! It all started with a small blue spiral bound agenda that I got from Target for probably less than $10, but at least it was cuter than whatever disgusting black and gold agendas we got from school that I promptly tossed into the recycling bin after I signed the student code of conduct to hand into my homeroom teacher.

Right before my freshmen year of college, I got myself a jumbo Lilly Pulitzer agenda solely because I saw that Sarah Belle (SarahBelle93x on YouTube) used them religiously. They're cute, they have stickers, and they keep me organized like no other. I continued on with my Lilly agenda through my sophomore year as well and also added a Sugar Paper (from Target) agenda to the mix so that I could keep my academic life separate from my blog life. I like to use it to plan out my blog posts and what not!

It was time to get my agendas for the 2015-2016 academic school year and I was torn. I wanted to stick with my tried and true Lilly agendas, but there are so many other cute brands out there that I had to branch out a bit. I decided to purchase mine through Lifeguard Press because,well, who doesn't love 15% off of their first order if you sign up for the e-mail list? So without further ado, here are my two agendas for my third year of college. Drum roll, please!

To the left is my new agenda and to the right is the Kate Spade medium agenda in the print Favorite Things . You can also find both of these on their respective websites, but I've just linked them to Lifeguard Press incase you guys want to get that same deal that I did!

The interior of the Kate Spade agenda is relatively simple, which is perfect for blog planning! It's a very straight forward agenda with more than enough space, even in just the medium size, to write down what I need to keep my life together.

The agenda is a bit more colorful, a lot more fun, and honestly brightens my day every time I open it up or even look at the floral exterior. According to the sticker on the back of the agenda, it includes:

  • "The best sticker page of all time."
  • "Silly compliments (like, ' your eyelashes are super long')"
  • "Inspirational notes ('hey hey hey, you can do it!')"
  • "Fun suggestions for each weekend (hang a disco ball in your room!)"
  • "A bunch of special holidays" (which are listed above!)
Honestly, it feels like me in an agenda and I am so in love with it.

I cannot wait to whip this out during class to write down my assignments on. I have a feeling it's going to make me smile lots and I'm looking forward to it!

What's your favorite brand of agenda to get? Did you get yours for this year yet?


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