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1. YouTube Beauty Icons: Women To Follow I only watch Tanya and Suzi from this list, but now I feel like I should go on and subscribe to the other three lovely ladies on this list!

2. Healthy Chocolate Frosty I tried making one of these once upon a time and it didn't turn out too hot, but I'm a lover of all things chocolate and think this warrants another try!

3. Man Repeller's Summer Playlist Because there's no such thing as too many playlists, am I right?

4. 20 Things You Need From Anthropologie Right Now Filed under things I can't afford but wish I could...though I do plan on hitting up Anthro before I move into my apartment for some cute little knick knacks and what not. Who knows what else might end up coming home with me...

5. 5 Poppy Summer Lip Shades Say yes to all poppy lipstick colors. I need them all!!!!

6. Rifle Paper Co. Agendas I just got my two new agendas in the mail last week, but a Rifle Paper Co. planner was in the running for a while. Now I think I might just need one of their desk calendars...

7. Consider the Orange Lip I have quite a few orangey-red lipsticks, but I haven't dived in head first to the orange trend yet. I think I might have had to add one to my collection before I set off for third year...

8. Splurge vs Steal I am not a massive fan of buying shoes but I love looking at them, so a shoe steal is certainly my favorite type!

9. A Week Without Sorry I think I might be physically incapable of doing this unless I decide to go mute for a week. I apologize for absolutely everything, even the simplest of things. It's bizarre, but I can't help it. It comes out like "uh," "um," and "like" for me.

10. DIY Copper Clothes Rack Yet another DIY I will never be able to do, but look at how gorgeous the final product is!

11. "Suck It Up" I pretty much repeat this phrase or "get your sh*t together, Francesca" on a daily basis.

What have you been reading lately? 


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