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1. Scalloped Skort At The Coffee Shop Navy, white, and scallops are my ultimate aesthetic.

2. Top of the Rock, NYC One of the last touristy things that I still have left to do in New York...

3. 6 of the Best Drugstore Beauty Buys for Summer Some cool things to checkout at the drugstore!

4. Unrecognizable I feel the same way thinking about myself from high school, even from the first semester of my second year of college.

5. Two NYC Restaurants So much New York City going on in this post! You could say that I'm missing it quite a bit recently...

6. Your Digital Life Organized I really, really need to use DropBox, especially if I intend on getting a Macbook Air in conjunction with the pro I already have..

7. Summer Sunglasses Under $50 My Free People sunglasses recently broke and have since been replaced, but sunglasses are the ultimate summer accessory and this post includes so many cute options.

8. What I Wish For You @ EVERYONE

9. My Reality is Not Your Reality and That's OK Ana, you and I are on the same page, girllll. Especially with this line: "I believe in all the wondrous happenings that can occur, despite being told itaintgonnahappen."

What have you been reading lately?


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