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Eight Simple Rules for Life

Well, more like Eight Simple Rules for Life (According to Francesca). Because isn't that the whole point of this blog? ;)

On the Fourth of July, I was talking about red lipstick with my cousins and one of them made a joke that wearing red lipstick was probably one of my rules in life. Then another suggested that I make a blog post about my rules to life. Maybe it was a joke, but here I am, putting together a list adapted from the great mid-2000s television show (well, book, but let's not get into that at the moment).

1. Wear red lipstick, always.  Okay, so maybe not always because some days just require a nice pink or maybe even a violet or an orange. But never be afraid to wear red lipstick because you don't think you have an excuse or someplace to wear it. You never need an excuse to put lipstick on, ever. Be fierce, be you.

2. If you like something about somebody, tell them. If you've ever received an out of the blue compliment, you know how much they can change and affect your mood for the better. So if you see someone out and about (or even a close friend or family member) and you like something about them (their hair, their eyebrows, their shoes, their personality, their writing, whatever it may be), TELL THEM! It'll make their day and I can guarantee their reaction will make your day in return.

3. Be nice to nice. Sorry, a Harry Styles reference had to be made at least some point in this blog post. It's infinitely easier to be kind and positive, so save the negativity and attitudes for another time. Unless someone has hurt you, don't be the first person to throw a punch, whether it's verbal or actually physical. I just think that being nice is the best thing you could do for yourself and everyone around you. Spread a little bit of glitter and fairy dust wherever you go.

4. Eat the damn cake. This could very well apply to actual cake, or to something that you want to have that you think you shouldn't. Don't deprive yourself of something because you think you don't deserve it or that other people make you feel like you don't deserve. You do you!

5. Do what you love and forget the rest. The real quote is from Little Miss Sunshine and it has stuck with me ever since I watched it for the first time in high school. Find your passions and surround yourself with people who support them. Dive into your passions, immerse yourself in them, and let your talents flourish!

6. Talk to your parents every day. Or your grandparents, or your aunts, or your best friends. Talk to the people you care about (and who care about you in return) every day, even if it's just to say hello. Because sometimes that simple phone call could be what everyone needs (and something that you might need in return).

7. Never be afraid to cry. Or show emotion. There is nothing wrong with being sad or having a bad day. You don't need to apologize for being in a weird mood or for not feeling up to hanging out with somebody because you feel mentally and physically tired. Your emotions are valid and the people you surround yourself with should be able to understand that.

8. Dance like nobody is watching. Life's too short to even care at all, honestly. Young the Giant put it best!

Tell me some of your "rules" for life! What is life according to you? :)


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