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My Favorite Apps

Whenever my younger cousins steal my phone, they complain not only of my lack of games, but lack of apps in general. While it's true that I'm not much for apps aside from social media and photo-editing ones, I do have a few solid apps that keep me connected and entertained while I'm mobile with my phone. Aside from the obvious Twitter and Instagram, there are a few apps I've downloaded (and others that came with the phone) that are well loved on my iPhone.

1. Color Calendar

I talk about this app every month during my monthly reflection posts. Basically, you get a calendar for each month and at the end of each day, you mark off what your mood was for the entire day, whether it was good, bad, awesome, neutral. Each mood is color coordinated to the theme that you choose and I find that it's a really nice way to track how your month went!

2. Bloglovin

Reading on my phone when I'm waiting for class or just bored in class in general (I don't condone this, of course...) is my favorite way to pass time if my Tumblr dash is slow. This app lets me read my favorite blogs without having to sort through mobile web pages and messing with the format so it doesn't look so funky when it's not the web version of the site.

3. Afterlight

This is the photo editing app that I use if I'm not feeling incredibly lazy. Now that Instagram has its improved editing options, I usually opt for that if I'm in a rush, but if I have enough time or feel like messing with more options, I'll opt to use Afterlight instead! It has a lot of filters (and even more you can buy), frames, textures, and the usual editing tools regarding brightness, saturation, contrast, etc.

4. Snapchat

I have a penchant for taking videos of me lip-syncing in the car. That's all you need to know about my budding Snapchat obsession...

5. 8tracks and Spotify

I lumped these two music apps together because they're my most used. I usually use Spotify more than my music app, unless my cell service is particularly horrible. I'm sure everyone knows what Spotify is by now and how it works, but 8tracks is the playlist making website that I use for all of the ones I post on this blog! You can create and share your own playlists, which are my favorite thing in the entire world. I love seeing what other people put together in the same mix tapes!

6. iBooks

Once upon a time, I told myself I would never read a book if I didn't have a physical copy. And then a book I really wanted to read was only available in an e-book format, so I bought it against my own rules and might not look back. Now don't get me wrong, there's no way I can read an American classic on my iPhone. I can't focus on my screen for that long, but I think that being able to read on my phone is going to save me a lot in the future. I am the type of person who always has a book or a magazine with them and that's not always feasible at times. The iBook might be reserved just for books of essays or not very heavy reads just to avoid skipping over or scrolling past vital issues, but it certainly is an easy and accessible way to stay reading!

What are your favorite apps?


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