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1. Rosie Assoulin Through Nicole Cohen's Lens Rosie Assoulin clothes are beautiful pieces of art that I will never get sick of admiring.

2. Four Under $40 I spy with my little eyes an adorable Lilly Pulitzer agenda!

3. 5 Ways To Transform a Rental I'm going to be living in apartment for a majority of the foreseeable future, so here's a nice informative read for all of those renters out there!

4. 3D Ice Cream Dress I love the flirty length of this dress and come on, who wouldn't want to wear an ice cream printed dress?

5. 2016 Agendas Yet another agenda brand I need to sort through to decide which two I'm going to use for my third year of college.

6. Wrinkle Free Clothes I was just telling my friend the other day how I planned on buying a steamer for our apartment! I use a handheld one at work and it is amazing.

7. You May Be Bad at E-mails and Not Know It I am absolute sh*t at e-mails, so this is something I'm going to keep bookmarked for quite some time.

8. Resort '16 Forecasts Fun I'm all about new collections to drool over.

9. Row Your Boat I am obsessed with this Kate Spade print and want ALL OF THE CLOTHING.

10. Old Navy Obsessed I've been telling so many people that Old Navy has seriously stepped their game up over the past two years. They're my go-to if I'm ever around one!

11. Happy Birthday to the Late Joan Rivers I adore Joan Rivers and miss her dearly. I'm currently in the middle of reading her second book, but this post includes a lot of her more mild and inspirational-esque quotes. Rest in peace, Joan.

12. Anonymous Support Group Kelsey must read my mind because this is 100% how I've been feeling over the course of the past week (through now as well). This post was such a help. <3

What have you been reading lately?


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