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1. NARS Dragon Girl matte lip pencil

Half of the reason why I even own this is because this is Taylor Swift's signature red lip. I've always been super curious about the matte lip pencils from NARS (once fall comes again, I will for sure be trying Train Bleu) so I figured if this shade was good enough for Taylor, it would be good enough for me. Plus, it's now my final step in my transformation into Miss Swift.

Like my other matte NARS lip products, it's more a creamy matte so it doesn't feel super drying on my lips, though it's definitely less creamy than the regular lipsticks. However, I wore this comfortably for over six hours without reapplication or feathering. It's a true siren blue toned red. I can, with confidence, say that this is my signature red lip. I am so excited to get more wear out of it this summer. My only complaint is that it requires sharpening, which just wastes so much product. Small price to pay for a great lipstick!

2. The end of finals

Yesterday at two in the afternoon, I finally finished my second year of college. I'm kind of driving myself crazy with this free time, but I'm so relieved that this semester is over. It was a great semester for friends and personal life, but a terrible one academic wise. I'm definitely glad that it's over though.

3. Neutrogena eye makeup remover

I've been wearing a lot more eyeliner and waterproof mascara lately and haven't wanted to rub my eyes raw in the shower with a wash cloth to try to get it off. I've had this makeup remover for about a year and didn't start using it until this past month. Before, I used to use it to fix my eyeliner mistakes. Now, it's rare that I go a heavy makeup day without it. It really breaks down my makeup without irritating my eyes. There is still some residue afterwards, but it almost always comes off before I fall asleep.

4. The Body Shop Mango body gel

It smells great and lathers well. I mean, not much else to say about a shower gel!

5. NARS Cactus Flower cream blush

It's Cactus Flower season again!!!! This is hands down, my favorite cream blush and one of my favorite blushes in general. It's red with gold shimmer and it is the nicest blowy flush on my face. I usually wait until I have a bit of a tan to wear it, but I figure I use enough bronzer on a daily basis to combat the current pale status of my face. I couldn't wait any longer to use this!!

What have you been loving lately?


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