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Celebrating the End of Finals

I know I'm fairly lucky to be finished with my finals today. Currently, I'm writing this post during my much needed break from studying for my Spanish exam in...three hours. And then after that exam, I have two to take online. Then, alas, I am free from the suffocating grasps of second year! Words cannot describe how happy I am for this semester to be over. I hated my classes this semester, which I will go into more detail about when I talk about my sophomore year reflection...but spring 2015 was horrible class wise and I have never been more relieved to be finished with a semester.

There are a few things I'm going to celebrate with tonight as a means of telling myself that it's all over now.

1. A long, overdue Pinterest spree
2. Catch up on my reading
3. Marathon Gilmore Girls season two (I'm halfway done)
4. Use my last Lush bath bomb (probably whilst watching Gilmore Girls)
5. Dance to 1989
6. Start packing so I know the end of the semester is real
7. Reorganize my lipsticks and decide which ones get to stay with my during the next few days in Cleveland
8. Start filling up online carts with apartment nonsense (mostly throw pillows and prints)
9. Stare at Harry Styles
10. Repeat #9


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