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It's Been One Week...

Not sure why a Barenaked Ladies reference was necessary for the title of this blog post, but I suppose I took it and ran with it. No, it hasn't been one week since you've looked at me, but it has been a week  since I've been home after my second year of college! I got home last Saturday around 9PM, so it hasn't been exactly one week, but for all intents and purposes, it has.

Every time I see somebody that I haven't in a long time, they ask if I've been enjoying my time home and how I've been enjoying it. In all honesty, I've just been chilling. I've been eating a lot and hanging out with family and just having fun not having to worry about coursework and school assignments.

There have been a lot of family dinners, full stomachs, seconds, thirds, and too much dessert (if there was ever such a thing as too much dessert). There was also a lot of lipstick purchases and the new addition to my man repelling pants collection. I'm all about low-key summers because they're generally the only time I have to relax. Or my best version of relaxing because we all know from my post about the beach that I am physically incapable of truly relaxing.

Maybe I'll do something fun and exciting at some point this summer, but for now I'm super content working, babysitting, and splitting my free time between friends and family. Sometimes you just need a little life detox!

If your "summer" has started yet, how have you been enjoying your time off?


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