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1. The Benefit of a Walk Walks that temporarily turn into runs are my friend's and my favorite way to hash out drama and the good gossip.

2. Get Your Skin Together: Advice from Cara Delevigne's Esthetician I would give an arm and a leg to have clear skin, especially skin like Cara's.

3. Favorite Spring + Summer Lipsticks Alex has a great taste in lipsticks and her videos are so relaxing. They remind me a lot of Allison.s (Amarixe) in the sense that they're just so darn relaxing to watch.

4. Palm Print Dress I've wanted a palm printed piece of clothing since last summer ever since I saw Sarah (Sarahbelle93x) wearing a strapless and structured Topshop palm printed romper. Then again this spring she wore a chiffon palm printed romper from Show Me Your Mumu. Basically, if I don't end up with something palm printed by the end of summer, I'm not doing it right.

5. One of the J Brand Troop Sonya's style is the actual definition of cool.

6. Why Do We Own So Many Bras? I ask myself this same question in the morning when I'm getting ready and debate between a gray lace bralette from Aerie, a regular black bra from Victoria's Secret, or the ever so coveted "no bra" look.

7. Your Summer Reading List I've already read about half of these, which gives me even more of a reason to want to complete Carly's list!

8. Design Finds of the Day I LOVE Mackenzie's addition of this series to her blog. Especially since she has incredible taste and I'm currently apartment decor shopping ;)

9. Spring Blooms Most, if not all, blog posts about friendships make me want to cry and hug every last one of my friends senseless.

10. Cute Laptop Sleeves I've been on the hunt for a more sleek laptop sleeve for my Macbook, so this post came at the right time! Mine is a bit bulky and isn't necessarily great for throwing in my bag when I need to also carry about books and notebooks and agendas and my entire lipstick collection (okay, that might be a lie).

What have you been reading lately?


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