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April Reflection

April has been a crazy, incredible month. I know it seems like I start all of my months talking about my color calendar, but it is such an incredible way to track my mood throughout the month. I've decided to actually include a screenshot of what my calendar looked like this month as well!

Basically, everything orange is considered "good," pink is "awesome," and green is "bad." The only reason why the second of April was bad was because of some problem that went wrong during my class scheduling process, but I ended up solving it the next week without any issues, so I didn't dwell on it! I am really happy with the color payout of this month. LOOK AT ALL OF THAT PINK!!

April was the first full month I think I've ever gone without going home, which is incredibly weird. This also meant that this was the first month I spent a major holiday without my family, which was even weirder. Luckily, I have some lovely (lovely lovely lovely, I cannot stress this enough) friends here that stayed in Cleveland for Easter as well, so we had nice little celebration of our own involving pizza and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Thankfully, my parents, brother, and his girlfriend came up during the opening weekend for the Cleveland Indians, so I at least saw my family, but I haven't genuinely been home in about two months. Isn't that crazy?

My friend Abby and I have tried out hardest to run consistently this month (okay, so let me emphasize try). We're both very busy! But it still felt nice to put my Nikes to good use and romp around downtown with a friend without worrying about looking silly running alone (you have to stop at almost every block and it gets very tedious if you're alone!).

This was also the month of lipsticks for me. I've always loved and adored lipsticks and owned far too many for one girl, which is partially why I decided to start wearing it (practically) every single day this month. Chances are, if you see me out, I'm going to be wearing a bold lip. It's just how things are right now. I feel sort of naked without one, which actually is a lot more fun than it sounds. I have enough that I can pretty much match everything in my wardrobe. I even found an orange-y coral to match my "shopping is my cardio" Wildfox jumper!

Also, exciting things happened with my apartment! My roommates and I got our official lease, signed it, and started planning and doing adults things like setting up cable and electric accounts. I don't move in until August, unfortunately, so I spend the entire summer away from them. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? RIGHT?

I've been working a lot this month. I didn't want to talk much about my job just incase it didn't last past the spring time because of the long break I have to take to go home, but I'm fairly confident that I'll still be working there when move back to Cleveland in the summer! I work at a boutique and it is easily the best job I could have ever asked for and more. My boss is amazing (in both personality and what's she done with her businesses), the people are incredibly nice, and the clothes are to die for. In my top three best things to happen to me during my college career thus far, this job is probably #2 after meeting my incredible friends. It even trumps the hot Austrian tennis player that the entire school is obsessed with (petition to start a Kickstarter campaign to get him to stay for grad school?).

There has been so much to celebrate this month! And now I get to dive into the last week of living in Cleveland, which will require massive amounts of coffee, chocolate, patience, and studying. Just going to think back to these celebratory cupcakes I had with my friend Abby to get me through the next eight days!

How did the month of April treat you? 


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