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This weekend is going to be a very reading-centric one, what with this post and tomorrow's weekly Good Reads post. However, if there's anything I love almost as much as music, it's reading.

As for books, I'm currently reading The Girl On the Train by Paula Hawkins and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I picked up Hawkins's book on a whim at Target one day after hearing a lot of good reviews about it. I've owned The Alchemist for years, but I've only managed to read it twice.

I follow Paulo Coelho on Twitter and every time he tweets something, especially the NY Times Best Sellers list (he's been on it for over six years with this book), I tell myself "I should really reread The Alchemist." And so I started! It's a whimsical little story about finding your personal destiny and your life's treasure. It's inspirational, moving, and very insightful. Plus, it's less than 200 pages, which is the type of book I need in my life with finals coming up.

Contrary to that last statement, though, I've also been reading The Girl On The Train which is definitely not less than 200 pages and is probably something I shouldn't be starting before finals because I heard it's very hard to put down. Basically, this is my bedside table book. I bring The Alchemist to work with me because it's small and light and easy to carry in my purse. I reserve TGOTT to when I'm lounging in bed or when I'm cooking and waiting for water to boil or something.  So far, I'm enjoying it. I just got to the beginning of the juicy stuff, so I'm guessing that things are definitely going to pick up where I left off.

On the magazines side of what I've been reading, I've been really digging into some Karlie Kloss issues. I'm nearly finished with last month's Vogue featuring Miss Kloss and her BFF (can I get on this friendship, please?) Taylor Swift. I skipped ahead to read their feature article and I kid you not, I cried. I don't do well when people praise Taylor instead of dragging her down with gross tabloid rumors. AND THEIR FRIENDSHIP IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND FRESH AND EASY. Ugh, I nearly lost it again. I also picked up Karlie's cover issue of Porter because it's my second favorite magazine and she is just a ray of sunshine packaged into one very tall, very beautiful human being. Such a big heart on that one.

What books or magazines are you currently reading?2


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