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My Pug-session

Do not get me wrong. I love my family's dog Cash more than anything in the entire world (this includes my family, Harry Styles, and his extensive boot collection). He is a rat terrier and is hands down the cutest thing the world has ever seen.

But I've been so damn infatuated by pugs lately that my love for the scrunchie faced dogs is undeniable. I have accepted this and have already started planning my future with Fitz. Yes, that's right, when I get a pug his or her name will be Fitz and they will be adorable. I will also adopt a cat named Nemo and they will be best friends.

I am not properly equipped both emotionally, maturely, or financially to own a dog at this point in my life, and probably not for quite a few years, but let this blog post be evidence that I do indeed need to have a pug that I can love for and care for at some point in my adult life.


My three favorite pug-stagrams are mrbiscuittthepug, pugdonut, and itsdougthepug (BONUS, he has  a twitter as well). 

What's your dream dog?

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