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Take Me Out To The Ballgame

That's right, folks. The official MLB season kicked off last week and I for one could not be more excited. Nothing screams summer to me more than baseball [pants] and spending a day at the ballpark to see a game of baseball [pants].

Now, I'm sort of a Red Sox fan out of pure rebellion against my dad's Yankee fanaticism. However, I always like to root for the Athletics (this is solely based off the fact that Moneyball is one of my favorite movies) and the Mets. And, since living in Cleveland (and living next to die hard Indians fans my entire life) I've picked up a loyalty toward the Cleveland Indians and likely will carry out my #TribeTown tradition into postgrad life.

The Indians home opener was Friday against Detroit for a three game series (a series is usually three to four consecutive games spanning that time) over the weekend. I didn't get a chance to go until Sunday when my family came up because I couldn't go home for Easter last week.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous. Sunny, warm with a slight breeze whenever it felt like it was getting too hot sitting in the stadium, and not a hint of humidity (which my hair was extremely grateful for).

I will admit, I did look slightly like a tool at the game. But my hair was too big to wear the hat regularly and I didn't want to wear my Kipnis shirt (second baseman) with the jeans I wore, so the hat was my only source of Cleveland attire. And one does not go to an Indians game without team attire! Let alone any Cleveland sport without some sort of team attire (I made this mistake at a Browns game my first few weeks living here in 2013). 

It was pretty crowded for an Indians game (other than the sold out home openers and the well-selling Yankees games) (and obviously post-season in those rare times that it happens), which was really cool to see! It was a gorgeous day and the third game to the inter-league home opening series , so I totally understand why a lot of people decided to come out. 

I had my mom bring my trusty Keds from home home for the game to add a little extra spirit to my relatively bland outfit (white v-neck, boyfriend jeans, with a blue and white striped hoodie tied around my waist for aesthetic purposes). Also, it was fifty shades of sunny outside, so you best bet I rolled up my jeans as high as they went to try to get as much sun on my legs as humanly possible. 

I cannot resist baseball park french fries. I dare you to try.

Unfortunately, Cleveland lost due to some early home-runs (Cabrera on Detroit had two in this game, bummer). We're now 2-4, which isn't the best start, but it's certainly better than 0-6! 

There was no debating where we were going for a late lunch/early dinner after the game. The Winking Lizard is one of my favorite places to get food ever, but I never get the chance to go by myself because past 5:00, you have to be 21 or over if you're not with a parent or guardian. LAME. 

If you're ever in downtown Cleveland though, definitely check out this place. There's a location in the Gateway District right near Progressive Field and Quickens (where the Cavaliers play) and also one further down on East 9th, closer to the water (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Great Lakes Science Center, and First Energy Field). 

I always get the grilled chicken caesar salad (with no cheese and ranch dressing instead of caesar), a side of macaroni and cheese, and if I'm feeling extra hungry AKA my mom is paying (sorry, mom) I'll order the fried macaroni wedges as an appetizer. 

My day ended with a run and trip to Starbucks with Abby because we hadn't seen each other the entire weekend and running is actually fun when you're not doing it alone? Weird, right?

Are you excited for the MLB season? Who do you root for? 


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