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1. Weekend Shopping: Green Stripes That chair is a dream. And for a bonus, here's a Kate Spade  dress that I've been pining after since the spring 2015 preview back in the fall.

2. What's The Point Of Runway Nudity? #FreeTheNipple

3. Get Your Sh!t Together, and Meditate Ooooof, this is definitely something I need to start doing. I'm a bundle of stress 90% of the time! I feel like I could definitely benefit from meditation.

4. Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich Bites I am all about anything that has cookie dough involved.

5. High School Trend Regression Disorder I remember begging for a black North Face jacket for my birthday my freshmen year of high is now buried somewhere in a bin. Oh, 13-year-old silly...

6. Digital Hacks I am, admittedly, always connected one way or another. Either I have my phone in my hands or am sitting at my desk on my computer....

7. Quick DIY: The Word Sweater While I normally avoid graphic prints on tops, I am an absolute sucker for word sweaters!

8. Blogger Bloopers Part 2 Nothing makes me happier than seeing behind the scenes photos from bloggers. It's not always glamorous!!!

9. How To Get A Salon Manicure At Home I've gotten approximately two manicures in my life: one for my brother's wedding in 7th grade and another time right before prom. It's always nice to find new at home tips for lazy (and cheap) girls like me who just want to do it themselves!

10. Spring To Do List To-do lists are my kryptonite, guys.

11. Delicious Blueberry Muffin Always, always, always looking for new recipes to try out!

12. How To Be A Dreamer Confession: I cried while reading this. I have no idea why, but I did. I am a dreamer, through and through.

13. Real Talk: Living Alone I was under the assumption for a few months that for my junior year, I was going to be living in a studio alone. Who knows, maybe post-grad life will lead me to a solo studio!

14. The Comparison Curse I used to torture myself with comparisons (hell, I still do, though I tell myself to cut the sh!t when I start falling too deep into the trap). It's something that we all struggle with!

What have you been reading lately?


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