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Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates! Hope you have a wonderful day with friends, family, and loved ones! 

1. Spring At Snails Pace I spy with my little eye, a new spring Kate Spade bag. ;)

2. Marissa Webb's First Banana Republic Collection My Banana sweaters are some of my favorites, so it's really excited to see Marissa Webb's first collection!

3. Baseball Season Is Here Does anybody hear angels singing? What about Zayn's high-note from "You and I?" Yeah, me too. I AM SO EXCITED FOR BASEBALL SEASON. The Indians have their home opener on Friday (and I'm hopefully going to the game on Sunday) (mom, if you're reading this...are we going to the game on Sunday?)

4. 7 "Quick Fixes" for Anxiety + Restlessness It's impossible to feel 100% at all times, so here are some really great tips for those days where you're just not feeling totally yourself and need a little help.

5. Workin' For The Weekend Those Rachel Zoe flats are just the kind of shoes that I need in my life ASAP.

6. Spring Cleaning Nooks and Crannies I've been getting infinitely better about cleaning regularly now that spring has begun. These are some pretty solid tips and areas to hit (maybe some that you wouldn't even think of—I hadn't thought of the makeup bag one!)

7. Taylor Swift is Tonic for the Soul Though I've been a Taylor fanatic since the beginning, it's always nice to see "non-believers" being converted. All hail Tay Tay.

8. How To Teach Yourself To Take Better Photographs (And The Perfect On The Move Bag) Photography (especially when it comes to outfits and fashion) will always be something that I struggle with, so it's nice to have some extra tips for when I am brave enough to attempt it again.

9. Inspiration For Our Living Room Ahhh, all this furniture talk is getting me that much more excited for the apartment this summer!

10. How To: Sauce Up Your Polo I have not worn a polo since my junior year of high school (it was part of our uniform). I should say, I have not willingly worn a polo since probably seventh grade...yet I am completely fascinated by the act of using garland and a glue gun to spice up a plain looking polo.

11. The Design Darling New York City Guide I am always itching to go back to New York (hopefully I can call it home some day and I won't have to wish I was there constantly). Along with always wanting to go back to the city, I'm always looking for new things to check out and beg somebody to direct me to.

What have you been reading lately?


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