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1. Valentino Spring Ad Campaigns

I've seen photos of the spring ads online, but I saw them in a magazine for the first time this week and they are even more gorgeous on glossy pages. They're very beachy and remind me quite a bit of mermaids. Just another reason for me to pine after warmer weather...

2. Milan Fashion Week

Three cities down in the fashion week circuit, one more to go. There is no greater feeling than checking in at Style or WWD to see the newest collections in their entirety. You can see my favorite looks from Milan Fashion Week here. To see my favorite looks from New York Fashion Week, you can click here and here for my favorite London Fashion Week looks.

3. Blackberries

I went to the grocery store for coffee creamer and ended up coming out with two boxes of blackberries because they were two for five dollars. A new grocery store, Heinen's, opened up downtown and I stopped in after work to get a couple of things. Blackberries are one of my favorite fruit and I genuinely think I forgot how great they were until I picked up two boxes. I devoured an entire one in less than 24 hours, so now I'm trying to savor my last package for desperate times. I love they they're a bit sour as well! I love sour things, especially when it comes to fruits.

4. Two Brothers Belgian Chocolate

This was another unnecessary purchase from my trip to Heinens downtown. In my defense, my friend was raving about it on Saturday, so I had to try out these chocolate bars for myself. I ended up getting a dark chocolate bar with espresso and a regular milk chocolate. Guys, I don't even like dark chocolate and I do believe I said to the friend who recommended it to me, and I quote, "I don't even like dark chocolate and I would still dip Harry Styles in it." It's seriously that good. It wasn't bitter at all and the espresso made it really rich. It wasn't even that expensive either for dark chocolate! It was less than two dollars!

What have you been loving lately?


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