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Spring Makeup Routine Changes

I kind of giggle when I see the seasonal makeup routines that my favorite YouTubers post, because it just seems a little ridiculous that morning/night/makeup routines shift as the months go along...

And then I noticed, as the temperatures slowly started to creep up from the teens and we crawled further away from February, I started adapting my makeup ever so slightly. Generally, the warmer it gets, the less makeup I try to wear on an every day basis solely because I sweat like a water buffalo and don't want it all to come off. Plus, I just generally like wearing less face makeup and bold lipstick, especially when I miraculously begin to tan (or get impatient and use my trusty Jergens Natural Glow).

My transitions between winter and spring are small and gradual, especially since it normally remains relatively cold into the first week or so of spring.

1. Dewy skin

My skin, unfortunately, is problematic all year round, so I have to use a medium to full coverage foundation all year (for the most part). There are plenty of dewy foundations out there (I recall Neutrogena Healthy Skin and my Origins foundation leaving dewy finishes), but to make my skin look glowing and healthy when I keep my foundation and powder matte and full-coverage, I use a few different cheek highlighters. I prefer liquid highlighters in the spring and summer, but MAC's Soft and Gentle mineralized skin finish is a favorite all year round. Benefit's High Beam and Girl Meets Pearl are my two favorite liquid highlights, one giving a more pink finish with the other a more pearlescent and natural look.

2. More matte eyeshadows

I know, I know, this is totally opposite of the whole dewy skin look, but shimmery eyeshadows screen fall and winter to me. I used neutral toned matte eyeshadow to define my crease and give my eyes a little bit of definition without making them the focal point of the look.

3. Pink cheeks and lips

As much as it pains me to kiss goodbye my berries and dark reds, I am always open to welcoming my baby pinks and corals. MAC's Party Parrot is my all time favorite spring lipstick (limited edition though, Impassioned is similar) and YSL's Fuchsia in Rage is my favorite lipstick no matter the time of year, but especially in the warmer months. I use Benefit's Posietint on my lips a lot in the spring time because it's a no-fuss and fairly long-wearing lip stain that it easy to travel with, as mine is a travel size.

4. No liner

Along with the matte eyeshadow switch, I like to leave my eyes a lot more natural looking during the spring time, which means ditching my thick black liner. I still bring it out on occasions, but I usually opt to go without eyeliner or with brown powder applied with a small angled brush instead.

5. Bold brows and lashes

Bold brows are okay in my book any time of the year, but without the statement eyeshadows or thick liner, bold eyelashes can still make your eyes the focal point of your face. Curl your lashes for extra volume and then run the mascara wand from root to tip, wiggling slightly to avoid clumps.

This is just what I like to do when the spring season is upon us, but remember that how much makeup you wear is your choice, not anybody else's. Wear what makes you comfortable!

What's one thing in your makeup routine that switches when spring begins?


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