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Scenic Walk & New Haircut

On Thursday, my mom, her friend, and I went for a walk down at the falls because it was shockingly sunny and nice out. There was quite a few tourists as well, presumably because the frozen bits of the river have been pretty highly publicized over the past few weeks. Hopefully they weren't thoroughly disappointed!

The last time I went to Niagara Falls, despite, y' there, was at the tail end of July when some friends came to visit on their way to Canada. I always forget how cool it is down by the water.

I hoped Niall Horan was at the bottom of that rainbow...

Had to snap that picture of the rapids because IT'S ONLY MY FAVORITE COLOR. 

Yesterday was the day I've been waiting for since January. My hair grew so fast from the last time that I got it cut and I was itching to get it shorter and blonder. Spring break blessed me with this new haircut (I used a picture from January of Allie Evans). The picture above it what my hair looked like before the cut, which was a little dingy and not as nice as it could have looked. I went in to my hair stylist (the greatest human being ever, I trust nobody else with my hair) and said "cut as much off as you can, I just need to be able to pull it into a ponytail," which is entirely different than what it was just one year ago when I said "Cut the least amount you have to, just get rid of the deed ends."


 I was not going anywhere when I took the above picture. I just knew my car had the best selfie lighting and that I wanted to wear my new sunglasses, so I threw my Aerie blanket scarf on and sat in my car for about five minutes until I liked one of the pictures. Then, I went back inside to put it on Instagram. So, yes, that is the truth behind about 70% of my Instagram photos. 


This is what my car looks like at any given moment. I actually had to throw these on the floor because all four of the cup holders in my car were full with Starbucks cups (as well as one rogue Chick-fil-A cup) and I needed room guessed it...more Starbucks. I'm fully aware I have a problem, you do not need to tell me twice. 

What's your favorite Starbucks drink?


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