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1. Square Peg, Round Hole A beautiful and insightful post about life, relationships, and how you can deal with those pesky empty spaces that linger in your chest.

2. Only in it for the Gold Stars I am so guilty of this, I can't even deny my Starbucks habit. There were three cups in my car just on Friday. Let's see if I can find myself a new coffee shop to alleviate the debt Starbucks will put me into, yeah? BUT PAYING WITH THE APP IS SO HANDY, C'MON. 

3. Penultimately in Paris: Louis Vuitton This line just about sums it up for me, "get a little weird, what's the worst that can happen?"

4. Gingham Shirtdress: Splurge vs Save Both gingham and shirt dresses are both trends for spring, so you might as well kill two birds with one stone.

5. At Valentino: The Seriously Good, The Acutely Funny Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson walking the runway to close the Valentino show was something I never expected, yet appreciated nonetheless.

6. Playful Kitties I love the full skirt and flirty length of this dress! And, of course, the Charlotte Olivia cat flats that I've been pining after. 

7. 10 Tips for Feeling Productive I am somebody who loves their free time...but after things have been done. I will create problems that need to be solved or tasks that need to be completed in order for me to feel like I earned my free time. So being productive is something I feel like I need to do in order to enjoy the various other aspects of life outside of work and school!

8. Ye Feather Peplum The Peter Som feather peplum top mentioned in this DIY post is the dream, and I'm oddly attracted to this boa/v-neck combination as well...

9. 10 Tips for Mastering Instagram I always love seeing new and different posts with tips for Instagram (or really, social media in general—I'm fascinated by it!) 

10. "I Have Cancer...And It Sucks" A brutally honest and confessional post from a Cosmo beauty editor and her cancer. 

What have you been reading lately?


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