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Top Five Moments from NYFW 2015

Since we're a little far away from fall fashion (and there's still three more main cities in the fashion week circuit to predict trends), I figured that a big event like NYFW would have brought out enough entertainment, excitement, and material to count down the top five things about it.


Y'all knew this one was coming. I said I wasn't going to talk about any potential trends, but the turtleneck trend is undeniably. So many collections utilized turtle and cowl necks. Altuzarra even had ruffled lace collared turtlenecks. That's some high class turtleneck action. What more could you ever want from the fall season?!

2. Kesha's appearances

Kesha is my homegirl, and she should be your homegirl as well. It was a hectic year for Kesha in 2014, with her admittance and release from rehab for an eating disorder and accusations against her former producer Dr. Luke for...well...we won't get into this, but he is a lot of words that I cannot say on this blog (I don't tolerate those who belittle others and trigger illnesses, like EDs, in other people).

All of that aside, Kesha straight up nailed it at every NYFW appearance she made. Can we please talk about the huge circular sunglasses she wore to Adam Selman? Because I have a feeling I will never get over them. They are the Harry Styles of sunglasses...

3. Models smiling at Desigual

Don't get me wrong, I love the "serious" atmosphere associated with high fashion and runway collections. I like that it showcases the clothes, the artwork created by incredible designers a few times a year. The reason I enjoy the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show so much is because the models look like they're having a great time. Some of the models who are in the VSFW do high fashion shows, and it's great to see their smiles and to see them having a little bit of fun. Desigual's show incorporated color, quirky prints, and the big bright smiles (and hair!) of the models walking in the show. Even Behati Prinsloo bared her gorgeous smile as the shows opener!

4. Jamie Brewer's NYFW debut

A star in the American Horror Story series, Jamie Brewer was the first model with down syndrome to walk down the runway. Can I just say, she completely owns this black pleated shirtdress and quite frankly, I'm a a bit jealous. She walks with such sass and pride. And look at how happy she looks! What an amazing moment this Fashion Week!

5. Anna Wintour's unamusement with North West

It's not secret that I'm actually terrified of Anna Wintour. She's intimidating, powerful, and c'mon, that bob means business. Vogue editor-in-chief did not find North West charming, nor Kimye toting around their child like an accessory a wise choice in the hustle and bustle of fashion week. I make the same face whenever I see a pair of cargo shorts on campus, especially on men during the winter.


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