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1. New Indie Fashion Designers — Spring 2015 Collections New designers are always fun to come by. Figured since we're in the middle of the fashion week circuit, some "indie" designers would be a nice addition to the hype!

2. Inside the Monogrammed, Monetized World of New York City's Preppy Bloggers Couldn't be happier to see three of my favorite bloggers mentioned in one place!

3. What's In Monique Lhuillier's Fashion Week Bag I'm always interested to see what other people carry in their handbags (I blame YouTube), but Fashion Week "editions" make me giddy.

4. Lessons In Packing Light This is a skill I will never master, but will forever attempt.

5. Live the Life You've Imagined Desperately trying to do this with my own life. Taking it one day at a time...

6. Jillian Harris Style Crush I may need those floral pants from the first photo...

7. Ten Takeaways from J.Crew's Fall '15 Today They had me at "turtleneck."

8. Fashion Week Outfits Belting a boxy fur vest with a ribbon was genius. 

9. Blue and White Decor Everything home related is becoming apartment inspiration and I'm not quite sure I can avoid purchasing a ginger jar at this point in my life.

10. Best-selling Author Reimburses U of M Student for Quote I will admit, I just went through my John Green tag on Tumblr and saw that I have this quote attributed to him. Awkward! Melody is clearly one talented writer though! And good for John Green for creating an entire video about it.

What have you been reading lately?


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