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1.Uptown Funk Lip Dub

I watched this over the weekend and it legitimately made my day. Like, the whole day I just thought of this video and was just the happiest little peach out there. I have a soft spot for lip-dubs, adorable teachers, and the song "Uptown Funk." To have all three things mixed into one video was a legitimate dream come true. Job well done.

2. Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Okay, so no I still haven't finished this book, but I've been reading it more frequently lately and I am falling so madly in love with it (like I thought I would). I have an immense about of respect and admiration for Cheryl in her solo venture through the PCT. This book just makes me feel all sorts of emotion (normally sadness, fear, and elation when something finally goes right for her).

3. Keaton Henson

Just a random music find from over the weekend.  Henson is a folk-rock musician from London and his album Birthdays is absolutely incredible. It's not exactly the most...uplifting music, but it's definitely an album worth a listen (or ten). My favorite track is "Milk Teeth."

4. Jimmy Fallon/Will Ferrell/Kevin Hart Lip-Sync Battle

I am a massive fan of every single lip sync battle that Jimmy Fallon has done. I would list my favorite but literally everyone thus far has been so incredible and entertaining that I just recommend watching them all...starting with the most recent, which was the post-Superbowl match-up between Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon. I just...let's use a gif to sum the entire thing up...

So it!

5. Reflection by Fifth Harmony

They were in my post last week as well, but their new album just dropped on Tuesday so I felt the need to mention these girls once again. My favorite tracks are "Bo$$," "Sledgehammer," "Reflection," "Worth It," "Like Mariah," and "Them Girls Be Like." I've been dancing to this album since the release and I just...seriously, I'm so mad I just hopped onto the Fifth Harmony bandwagon because I was seriously missing out. Don't overlook or underestimate these girls!

6. Sally Hansen's Grey Area Nail Polish

This is an old favorite of mine, probably one of my first nail polishes ever. It's the perfect stormy purple, a nice plum with a layer of grey over it. That's the best way I think I can describe it! But it applies like a dream (one to two thin coats), dries fast, and it wears fantastically. I once wore this nail polish without reapplication for two weeks.

What have you been loving lately?


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