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There are plenty of posts where bloggers discuss and poke fun at the staged Instagram photos, the ones of the perfectly organized desks and apartments, the ice cream cones that weren't devoured but looked nice with the sprinkles, the equally chic and awkward outfit shots in the cities. Life look so glamorous and put together when you scroll through some Instagram feeds and photos on Twitter...and there's nothing wrong with that! Part of blogging is your image, your aesthetic, and your brand. It's just the way things work, like magazines have their certain aesthetic and its workers have certain lifestyles.

I love blogging, though I don't necessarily pen myself as a "Blogger" blogger. I've been blogging daily for less than a year and before that, it was sporadic mediocre posting. Even through this past year, I've definitely noticed a shift in the way I do things. I stage pictures on social media, take pictures at inopportune times "just incase," and have on several occasions uttered the phrases "I'll have to blog about that!" or I am just too lazy to relay a story, I have been known to just tell people to read my blog. Like what is that?!

A few weeks ago, I started tweeting photos of some "behind the scenes" of Life According To Francesca and used the hashtag #BehindTheBlog so show what really goes on behind these posts and all of my social media feeds. Hope this doesn't shatter the ~~~ image~~~. All jokes aside, this is just a fun little look into what my daily life as a college student is.

"My desk is messy 70% of the time, the other 30% being when I'm taking pictures of it. " 

"Accurate representation of my Friday nights. "

"My actual daily attire (plus my favorite neon lipstick to remind me of warmer days). "

"UGGs from the eighth grade & ill-fitting leggings from high school. "

"I cuddled with my Keurig when I got back to school today. " 

"The reality of a night routine. "


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