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TV Shows I Want To Watch In 2015

I have friends that literally laugh at me when I tell them that I'll add whatever show they're recommending to my list because they know I'll never get to it. I'm generally not a flaky person. If I'm going to be somewhere or do something, I'll make sure of it, but when it comes down to watching TV shows I just can't commit! Part of my problem is that my only medium to watch Netflix right now is via my computer and my favorite thing to do while I'm watching TV is to surf the internet or write. Hand writing is a pain in the butt (my thoughts come faster than I can write!) and mobile versions of apps are kind of annoying (for the most part). This means that when I'm going to binge watch Netflix, I need to fully commit, which I can't! However, I'm hoping things will change in 2015 and I can finally get around to knocking out some shows on my list. Hell, if I can watch all 5 seasons of Friday Night Lights in less than a month (I realize this isn't that impressive, but for me it was), then I think I can watch these five shows in a year.

1. Scandal

I am told to watch this show on what seems like a daily basis, whether it's through my friends, through people on the internet, or my subconscious (mostly for Olivia Pope's clothing, if anything). My only gripe with this show is that I am 100% convinced it is why Parenthood is in its last season. I'm terrified to start this show because I've heard of how addictive it is and I don't want to fully commit if I don't have all of the time in the world. That being said, I told my suitemate I would at least get through season one before it starts back up again on Thursday so we can bond...I will keep you posted...

2. Saved By The Bell

Throwback Thursday, am I right? I don't know why I have such the strange desire to watch what seems like would be the worst show ever (making it the best show ever?). My guess is that it is my strong attraction to Mario Lopez and Mark-Paul Gosselaar and affinity for off the shoulders tops. Regardless, I'm determined to watch all six seasons of this. Wish me luck...

3. Mad Men

Oh Mad Men...our love affair only lasted a short six episodes before I got bored. Er, bored is the wrong word. It just wasn't the right time for me to be watching it! It was over the summer, I got busy with work...but I did like it! Not enough time to commit to a show with an actual plot and seemingly deep characters. I will power through this show, for the love of Jon Hamm and Kiernan Shipka.

4. Gossip Girl

MARK MY WORDS, 2015 WILL BE THE YEAR I FINALLY FINISH GOSSIP GIRL. Friends, hold me to this. I must know what happens (okay, I seriously know two big parts of the ending...) to everybody. I literally hate every character on this show except Eric and Dorata, yet I cannot stop watching. Also, I will never like Chuck Bass no matter how many times people tell me that my mind will change. DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE CHARM, REMEMBER WHAT HE TRIED TO DO TO JENNY IN SEASON ONE, GIRLS. *deep breath*

What shows do you want to watch and haven't gotten around to yet?


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