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1. How To Make Effective New Year's Resolutions This was SUCH a cool post giving some psychological insight on why we find it hard to keep our New Year's Resolutions. It even gives you tips to create and fulfill your resolutions for the year!

2. Comedian Iliza Shlesinger Totally Gets You Iliza Shlesinger's standup and first Netflix special are GOLDEN, so I can only imagine what her new Netflix special will entail. Hint: there's a hilarious Pinterest bit!

3. What Your Coffee Order Says About Your Style Something about these coffee posts just makes me giggle. I don't know what it is about them!

4. Skate Date Sarah Vickers kills menswear, that's for sure. This mens varsity sweater is so great, right down to the navy + yellow combination.

5. Everyday Makeup Look I'm always interested in seeing what other people use as their everyday makeup, if they even choose to wear it all every day.

6. When Don't Turtlenecks Work? This is a trick question because THEY ALWAYS WORK. I've been a huge proponent of turtlenecks as of late and I cannot imagine my life without them.

7. The Easiest Way To Clean Out Your Closet I desperately need to do this sometime soon. Somebody hold me to this!

8. Colorblock Poncho Wool Cape Still need to get myself a proper cape...wish I could afford the Burberry one!

9. Life To Too Short I whole heartedly agree with the fact that life is too short to pretend to not like Taylor Swift. At this point, I strongly believe it is impossible to not. In conclusion, life is too short to let anything or anybody get in the way of your happiness.

10. Gold Coast Sonya posted some great photos (and has some gorgeous footage) of her recent trip to Australia!

11. 25 Things You Can Accomplish In 5 Minutes or Less I am the type of person who likes to feel like she's getting a lot of things done, even if they are minuscule tasks like taking out the trash or cleaning my makeup brushes. This list of things that I can do in less than five minutes is going to make me feel like the most satisfied girl on the block!

What have you been reading lately?


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