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Spring Semester Prep

As we speak, I am currently sitting down on the floor of my bedroom trying to make sense of the mess of clothes I have lying around in piles. Tomorrow, I go back to Cleveland for my spring semester and oddly enough, I'm not on top of things! I just ordered books today, I still don't have supplies or groceries and my bags are half packed.

The worst part about winter break is getting too comfortable. I definitely don't want to feel like a stranger in my own home and live out of a suitcase or anything, but there's something that just feels weird about settling in to the point where it feels like home, when in reality, for now, Cleveland is home and New York is my home home (if that makes any sense at all). Seeing people while I'm on break is also so difficult. We all work, I'm exhausted from the semester I just had, and during the holidays, it's all family all the time. I'm glad I got to see all of my friends at least once though! That was the best part of break, I think. And seeing my cousin Jessi because she's the coolest and we are the exact same person, born in two bodies 8 years apart.

The thrilling saga of packing, part 1

and part 2
My roommate/best friend transferred and there's a chance I might be getting a new roommate, which is both terrifying and exciting. I don't mind living with other people, I don't, I just have a constant fear of being minding living with me. My suitemate also left and I know her room was filled, so meeting my new suitemate for the first time tomorrow is going to be a fun experience! It's like move-in day all over again!

This semester, I'm only taking two regular classes and three online classes. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I'm taking Broadcast and Interactive Media (major elective) as well as Latin American Society and Culture (minor elective). I have Tuesdays and Thursdays off after a recent change in schedule (and by recent I mean as of like...two hours ago), which gives me more than enough time to complete my online classes coursework. I have Communication Inquiry (major requirement), Physical Geography (science gen-ed), and Cleveland: The African American Experience (social diversity gen-ed), so those online classes will definitely keep me busy, but on my own schedule.

I love my schedule this semester, especially because it leaves me in enough time to work (cross your fingers for me!) as well as enough time to work on this little diddy of a blog. I'm definitely looking forward to another semester of blogging and I hope I can provide enough insight on my life (as well as entertainment) for these next few months.

I'm definitely a combination of nervous and excited to go back for spring semester. I'm almost officially half way through college (and if I end up graduating early like I think I may have the opportunity to do, given scheduling), I am halfway through college. That is so crazy to think about!

When does your spring semester start? Are you excited to go back?


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