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1. Tis The Season For Thank You Notes Thank you notes have been one of my favorite things to write and send out this year. I actually need to head over to TJ Maxx (they have my favorite selection!) and get a new box because I'm almost out.

2. January Mood Boosters This reminds me that I need to get a new Ocean Salt exfoliator.

3. Pre-Fall 2015, A Field Guide I am the literal heart eyed emoji now. Pre-Fall 2015, you own me.

4. Shop Highlight: Bow Pumps in Sumi This should be on my dorm wall. Or an apartment walls. Or every single wall in the nation.

5. Ginger Jars Filing this under apartment inspiration.

6. 2015 Reading List

7. Line We Love: Lilly Pulitzer For Target April will be the month of perpetual brokeness.

8. DIY Printable To Do List To-do lists are my kryptonite.


10. First Real Snow I think I need a plaid vest now.

11. Winter Plaid I love the colors in the plaid with the color of the coat!

12. Cozy Grey Sweater Turtlenecks have given me LIFE this winter.

13. Tangible Changes you Can Make Going to make a conscious effort to try all of these this year!

14. Chicago: Summer House Praying to go back to Chicago soon.

What have you been reading lately?


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