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#EBCHolidayChallenge, Week One

It didn't occur to me when I said that I was going to post about my first week of this challenge that posting yesterday would have meant missing out on Sunday, so I'm going to do a round-up of my challenge responses today.

Monday, November 24th: Do Something Unproductive

This was something I found no problem doing. I was so exhausted from traveling, catching up, and just feeling like I was run over by a truck because of schoolwork that I didn't want to do anything. I read a majority of what I had left of #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso (great book!) and just lounged around. I started watching Sleepless In Seattle and don't recall changing out of my pajamas all day. All in all, it was relatively unproductive, just like the challenge said ;-)

Tuesday, November 25th: Savor Everything You Eat

I got a Chestnut Praline Latte that day and let me tell you, I savored every last sip of that lovely little drink. I don't remember what I had for dinner, but whenever I come home, the food is always so good in comparison to what I eat at school, so every last bit of what I eat is savored.

Wednesday, November 26th: Add Beauty To Your Home

We host Thanksgiving dinner at our house and since we have so many people in one place, almost every room needs to be open for people to walk in and out of and store their jackets and purses. My room is usually the designated hangout spot for the girls, so I always make sure to clear it of clutter and try to make it as homey as possible. This meant reorganizing my bookshelfs, tossing old candles, replacing summer candles with fall candles, and reorganizing the top of my dresser so it was less dusty, cluttered, and all around unpleasant looking. I'm particularly fond of my new desk accessory...

Thursday, November 27th: Move Your Bones

Luckily, I'm known for starting dance parties (usually with children half of my age, whatever) at family functions, so my cousin Katie and I tore it up to some Taylor Swift and One Direction's new album (and some of our old favorites, because we just adore those boys oh so much.)

Friday, November 28th: Start Your Day With Hot Water and Lemon

Now, we don't have lemons in my house nor am I a massive fan of this to begin with, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I drank as much water as I possibly could during the day to rid myself of the lingering icky feeling that follows eating your weight in various types of potatoes and pumpkin-centric desserts.

Saturday, November 29th: Wear Something Bold

I wore stripes on stripes on Saturday and I was particularly fond of the pairing. I was wearing my mom's striped J. Crew v-neck sweater that I probably forced her to buy in hopes of borrowing it at some point, along with my beloved striped J. Crew quilted puffer vest. Perhaps not as bold as some of my lipstick choices, but layering prints it one of my favorite things to do, especially in the winter time when layers are infinitely more comfortable and necessary.

Sunday, November 30th: Meditate

I'm not the best at meditating, as my mind is usually running a mile a minute. However, Sundays are the day in which Hannah Maggs posts her weekly vlog and watching her life with her family for those 30 odd minutes is oddly relaxing. That's when I feel like I disconnect from the world. So that was my cheating meditation for the day! Thanks Hannah!

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