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1. The Mysterious Cristóbal Balenciaga I stumbled upon this article when I was looking up information about hispanic fashion designers for my final oral presentation. The things you learn!

2. Real Talk: Starting & Sharing My Blog I, like Emily, tried blogging quite a few times before I finally found my place with this little nugget of a blog. I've had it for over two years, but I've really been taking it seriously since March! Now I don't know what I'd do if I wasn't blogging every day, y'know?

3. How To Pack for Cold(er) Weather Considering I came from a pretty mild late fall climate to a legitimate snow storm for Thanksgiving break, packing light wasn't an option. Sweaters and vests take up so much space! I love these tips though, especially the boots part. I have a tendency to overpack on the shoe front (I brought 2 pairs of riding boots home and I haven't worn either yet, I wear my new winter boots everywhere).

4. Cold Weather Casual How cute is this layered look? And don't think I wasn't eyeing that Tory Burch Robinson tote...

5. Goodnight Macaroon Pearl Collection I have the tendency to forget to put earrings on, but when I'm coming home for breaks or am going on vacations, typically the only earrings I'll bring with me are a pair of pearls that my mom gave me. They go with everything, but are such a classy touch to any outfit.

6. What to Watch On Netflix — My TV Recommendations I love to see what people are watching on Netflix to give me ideas of what to put onto my list! I'm currently working on Gilmore Girls and Gossip Girl. I know, still? 

7. Favorite Festive Films I was telling my friend two nights ago that really the only Christmas films that I watch during the holiday season are Elf, Love Actually, and the Rudolph TV special. I'm going to have to borrow from this list and see if I need to add some to my normal scheduled programming.

8. Stunna Shades The sunglasses are great, but the braid and jacket are even better.

9. A Country Look Niomi is always dressed so stylishly! I'm loving the plaid scarf with the camel jacket! Weather and season appropriate!

10. Travel In Style Definitely a little more dressed up than how I travel, but who knows, maybe this will be me someday. If we're being honest, this will probably be me in approximately two years or so. Never say never!

11. Burberry Holiday As much as I love the classic Burberry plaid, this option is also amazing! It looks so soft as well, doesn't it?

12. Holiday Up-do I am all sorts of tempted to try this out for the holidays this year!

13. Thanksgiving Wonderland What a picture perfect life KJP and Sarah have together! I loved these shots from the holiday, especially Sarah's ever-so-glamorous turkey hat ;-)

14. Kate Spade Art Prints I may need every single one.

What have you been reading lately?


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