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It should come as no surprise that One Direction's new album is something I've been loving during the past week. The rest of the album came out on Monday and I've been listening to nothing else all week. Every time they come out with a new album, I say that it sounds nothing like the last album, and FOUR is no exception. Midnight Memories was more 80s rock and FOUR is in a whole other realm. My favorite tracks now are "Where Do Broken Hearts Go," "18," "No Control," "Stockholm Syndrome," "Change Your Ticket," and "Clouds."

2. Nick Jonas

I still don't like him as a person and I think "Jealous" is a gross song and women aren't your property. With that aside, his song "Teacher" has been stuck in my head all week, which is slightly problematic when I want to dislike him. Also, his song "Santa Barbara" is legitimately fantastic. Taylor Swift described it as Bon Iver meets Christmas, I believe. I'd have to agree.

3. Chestnut Praline Latte

Some people were complaining that this drink was nothing special, but I guzzled mine down so something must be right with it. I also recently got the life changing Starbucks app on my phone and I am in love with that as well.

4. Rosebud Salve

After an accidental burnt lip (I was trying to sniff my curling iron to see if it smelled like smoke and I ended up overestimating the distance between the barrel and my lip and...ouch), I've been applying a generous amount of this to my lips to try to keep them from scabbing and chapping too horribly. Paired with the dropping temperatures and season of dry everything, this lip balm has been my savior.

5. Anna Kendrick's 'The Waiting Game' ad for Kate Spade

HILARIOUS. Anna is funny on screen, on twitter, and especially in this new ad for Kate Spade. Locking myself out of my apartment is something I can see happening to myself frequently in the future...pray for me.

What have you been loving recently?


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