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How to Survive the First Snowfall

It started snowing in Cleveland last Friday and let me tell you, I nearly cried. The first snowfall that stuck last year was the middle of December, when I was leaving to go back home for Christmas break. I didn't really check the weather, so this premature snowfall blindsided me. I hoped that it would melt, but more snow keeps piling up, so accepting it is unavoidable at this point.

1. Waterproof your boots

Whether it's your riding boots, your ankle booties, your UGGs, whatever is going to be on your feet this winter that would possibly need waterproofing. UGG makes a special waterproofing kit, this I know for a fact. Ask your mom or somebody at a shoe store as to what products are the best and will ensure good results and not messing up your beautiful boots.

2. L-A-Y-E-R-S

Nobody likes being cold. Nobody. So rather than shiver during your walk to class or complain about the freezing temperatures, put on a few unnoticeable extra layers to bring a little warmth to your day. Pop a sweater on over your oxford or wear a long sleeved shirt with your cardigan. Adding a scarf to any outfit adds that extra bit of style and warmth when you need it the most.

3. Own a proper jacket 

I cannot tell you how many thin fleece jackets I see on a daily basis and the amount of complaints I hear. It won't kill you to get yourself a down jacket or a nice wool peacoat. The extra warmth they give you make all of the difference!

4. Hats and gloves can be practical and stylish

Bundling up can still be cute, especially with the popularization of the beanie over the past few years. A lot of brands create "tech friendly" gloves now that are usually sleek and allow you to still use your phone without having your fingers freeze off.

5. Fuzzy socks

The greatest part of the cold months, by far. You can get a pair of a dollar and they will change your life (or at least your winter) forever.

Has it snowed where you are yet? Does it ever snow where you're from?


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