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1. Arkells

I've liked the Arkells for a while, but this past week I decided to become absolutely obsessed with them. I cannot stop listening to "Leather Jacket". Seriously. I think I'm responsible for half of the plays of it on this one Tumblr post. Their newest album reminds me of the 80's (not that I was alive...or even a thought at that point...).  They're coming to Buffalo in October...while I'm in Cleveland. Such a bummer! I'll see them eventually!

2. Thin Mints & Pumpkin Spice coffee creamers

In a recent Target/Giant Eagle excursion, I decided to pick up some fun flavored coffee creamers to take a break from the French Vanilla that I always have. Thin Mints cookies are my kryptonite, so to mix it with my coffee is my greatest dreams reincarnated into a taste. I don't think I have to explain my love for pumpkin spice, so I'm not going to for fear of writing a love letter to it.

3. Halloween Oreos

'Tis the season of Halloween Oreos. I hate regular oreos, but something in my big 'ole crazy brain makes me believe that Halloween Oreos are infinitely better than regular oreos. I love them so much that I have to hide them in the top of my closet so that they're not within arms reach. It still hasn't stopped me from almost eating an entire box in a week. I've got one sleeve left.

4. Gingham & Stripes

5. Matt Bellassai

Also known as my second half. If I've laughed out loud this week, there is a 95% chance that I was reading through his tweets. And yes, every tweet is as fantastic as the one shown above. He also tweets a lot about Harry Styles. I'm in love.

6. The Mindy Project

It has been one episode and I'm already hooked on the third season. I am seriously (and weirdly) obsessed with Mindy Kaling and seeing her on my TV every Tuesday from now on is going to cause my general happiness to sky rocket.

7. Lush's Honey Trap lip balm

It's coming to that time of year where my lips get very chapped. It's also almost time for dark lipstick and there's nothing worse than flaky lips when trying to apply lipstick. I've been prepping for the cold with this lip balm. It smells incredible and doesn't feel waxy on my lips! It's a bit more heavy duty, so I put a thick layer on before I go to bed so I can wake up with hydrated lips.

8. Kate Spade 'Blakely' frames

I've had my glasses for well over a year now and I don't think I've properly talked about them. I normally wear contacts to class just because it's a pain to remove my glasses every time I glance from the board to my notebook and vice versa. Since I only have class twice a week, I wear my glasses 5 days out of the 7! I've loved being able to skip my eye makeup and parade around in these cute frames. They make me feel ├╝ber studious.


This is a very nerdy thing to love, but I'm a Spanish major and it is obviously not my native language, therefore I need as much assistance as I can get. Things like Google Translator are NOT the best or most accurate, therefore my professors seriously recommend not using it. My one professor prefers that we don't use anything at all, aside from It has many options for each word, a section for conjugating verbs, and a really great forum for phrases and idioms! This site has definitely saved my butt for writing compositions and translating short stories.

What have you been loving lately?


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