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Nothing But Necklaces

Jewelry is one of those accessories that can totally transcend times of day, levels of elegance required for an event (or lack thereof), and seasons. The best part about jewelry is that so many stores have dupes for each other. If you want to splurge, you have that option, but if you just want a trendy piece for a couple of wears, you have that option as well! As most accessories will, jewelry can take an outfit and amp it up that one extra level. The key is knowing what jewelry (necklace, bracelets, earrings, rings, all four?) to wear with your outfit of choice. You've got to play around with it, and it always depends on the outfit, how you style it, and your hair and makeup is a massive help.

Today is all about necklaces. I've never had a necklace that I wore religiously from a significant other or a family member, until this past Christmas when my parents got me a Kate Spade pendant. I wear that most days, but for days where I want a little more than a simple pendant with a blue-face, I'll opt for one of these two options. 

With crew necks or shirts with collars, statement necklaces are a great way to add something a little extra to your outfit, while accentuating your neckline and emphasizing the collar. 

j. crew chambray — 78.00
baublebar collar — 46.00 30.00 for a limited time
j. crew fringe necklace — 128.00
h&m short necklace — 14.95
In the case of a slouchy sweater, or anything without a collar or high neckline, pendants and long, simply chains are a great way to keep the outfit more casual and make the necklace less of a statement piece. 

madewell cashmere pullover — 198.00
baublebar pendant — 30.00
kate spade necklace — 98.00
forever21 pendant — 4.80

When I was in high school, my absolute favorite places to get trendy jewelry for an affordable price were Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and H&M. They have great pieces that won't break the bank, especially when it's something that might only be worn for a season until you question why you ever bought it in the first place (see: bauble necklaces, I really wanted to be SarahBelle...)

I get most, if not all of my jewelry from J. Crew or Kate Spade now. I realize that these are pricier options, but they do have sales, and I do all of my shopping at the outlet mall. 

Some other options that I know have a nice selection of jewelry via recommendations from friends and what I've seen on YouTube and other blogs are: Francesca's (name bias much?), Baublebar (always talked about by SarahBelle93x, Ingrid Nielsen, and Amarixe), and Kendra Scott (again with the SarahBelle...). 

Where's your favorite store to get jewelry? 


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