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Herringbone & Haircuts

As I mentioned in Wednesday's post, I finally got a haircut yesterday after I couldn't take my dead ends and awkwardly long middle section of my hair any longer. Maybe one day I'll get a dramatic cut, but for yesterday I just got a few inches off of the ends and some subtle layering and framing around the face. Nothing too fancy until my next appointment in December!

Here's a picture of my hair on Tuesday and pre-haircut. I love long hair but yikes that is just too much hair on one human being. 

Here's my first post-haircut selfie, clearly overcome by the joy of smooth and brushed hair for once. Let's see how long this lasts...

And because I enjoy selfies oh so much, here a few more that I'm going to excuse because they technically showcase my new cut. 

SUCH GREAT QUALITY...said no one ever about this picture. I left my nice camera at school and I was home alone! Who else was going to take the picture of the back of my head? My dog?

And since I loved my outfit so dearly (I took it for a spin around the outlets with my bestest chummy Aly and it went over pretttttty well), here's a sort of proper outfit of the day about it.

Shirt: Brother's closet (I think it's Nautica?)
Vest: J. Crew
Jeans: BDG 
Boots: JcPenney (old)
Lipstick: Alabama by NYX


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