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1. Fall To Do List Fall is my absolute favorite season and despite living downtown, I'd still like to do some of these!

2. End Girl Hate Obviously this isn't a "read" necessarily, but Rachel just GETS IT. We need to support each other, not tear each other down!

3. My Story Again, this isn't a "read", but a video instead...I just really love what Carly has to say about this. It's crazy how things work out in the end. Sometimes you just need to put your trust into somebody/something else.

4. Your Favorite Stars' Books I LOVE hearing what other people's favorite books are. I feel like it's such a personal and intimate question and I always look forward to hearing everybody's answers.

5. The Roommate Contact You ACTUALLY Need My roommate and I definitely had a laugh about this.

6. How To Be Pretty Katy is younger than me and I swear she's eons wiser than I am. This might just go along with the End Girl Hate video earlier, but this is just so so so important.

7. My Home Diary: My New Coffee Table Carly is not only smart, beautiful, well dressed, and hilarious, but she's also fantastic at interior design. Slightly drooling over this marble coffee table. Slightly.

8. True Life: I Was a Street Style Photographer for NYFW Street style is so cool and individual and GAH! I love looking at all of the ensembles!

9. Our 10 Favorite Street Style Looks From NYFW I'm clearly in a post NYFW depression...

10. New York Fashion Week: Couture Overdose Late NYFW post, I promise...

11. Getting Out Of A Funk Just goes to show that everybody goes through the same sort of stuff! Just step back, take a breath, and shake it off.

What have you been reading lately?


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