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The Best Of: Posters & Prints

Dorm rooms are generally (okay, not generally, they are) very bland. The walls are a solid white or off-white color. There's really nothing special about the walls of a dorm room. At least, that's one way to look at it. I like to think of a dorm room as a blank canvas that you get to recreate from scratch. One way to really spice up your dorm rooms is to add some artwork to your otherwise bland walls! Anything could become wall art: posters, pages torn out of a magazine, a calendar, photos, canvases, and prints.

So many stores that sell home goods and furniture have a lot of canvases and even adhesive wall stickers (which for a dorm are not very wise), but I've noticed that not a lot sell prints (or what my mom refers to as a poster, to each his own). I've tried to round up my favorite places to purchase or look for prints.

First and foremost, I have to mention Urban Outfitters. There are a lot of independent sellers that could benefit more from the sales than a major company, but they have such a great selection of artwork that I really can't help but browse and purchase from their site and store. My beloved East Coast map was ordered from UO last summer and it really added an extra splash of color to an otherwise bland corner of my room. This year I picked up two prints from the actual UO store (pictured above) that I am so stoked about. My bedding is New York themed, so The Wonder City poster goes nicely with that, and I'm a Spanish major, so the la mano tarot card was a cute addition.

Some of my other favorites from the website are these:

dreams of india // flowers // map // springsteen
Fellow blogger Mackenzie Horan has an online boutique called Design Darling and it is always stocked with some of the prettiest prints that I ever have seen. Here are my picks!

sleep in // east coast girls // peonies and paisley  // be an adventurer

In addition to Mackenzie, blogger Stephanie Sterjovski has a print shop that has great sayings in beautiful and chic color combinations.

jenna lyons // do what you love // donut // audrey hepburn

There are plenty of independent artists on Etsy, so if you have a specific style of print in mind, you should definitely do a search on there for some picks. In addition to Etsy being a great tool, Pinterest has great print selections if you look on art boards. My two personal favorite artists of the moment are Bouffants & Broken Hearts and A Thing Created.

retro girls // garden // lipstick // flower girl
Last but not least, here's my last suggestion for adorable prints! Marnani Designs has gorgeous watercolors that I constantly pine after.

more than funfetti // love birds // shoes // valentino s14 couture
Where's your favorite place to get your posters and prints?


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