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I am not sure if you are aware, but yesterday Taylor Swift released her first single from her upcoming album (OCTOBER 27TH, MARK YOUR CALENDARS LADIES) called "Shake If Off" and let me tell you, it is a jam and a half. When I say that I haven't listened to anything since it released, I am seriously not joking. I have better things to lie about, like my hair color, or whether or not I still am infatuated with my Spanish teacher from high school (yes). Shall I reiterate? TAYLOR SWIFT. RELEASED. A NEW SONG. AND IT IS AMAZING. 

This is her first song officially not country. I know her last album Red wasn't country either, but it was still listed that way. From what I understand, this is listed totally as pop AND I AM SO PUMPED. If Taylor Swift is involved, I want every part of it.

This song (and apparently, the rest of the album) is 80's inspired, which means I am going to get down and dirty (LULZ) to every last song over and over again. No joke, here are some examples of my dancing during my first 20 listens to "Shake It Off". In my pajamas. In my dirty room. You've been warned.

If you're still reading this, WHY?!?! GO LISTEN TO "SHAKE IT OFF" AND HAVE A SOLO DANCE PARTY.

This song is going to be my motto for the rest of my life. Bad bay at school? Shake it off. The boy you likes is oblivious and can't take a hint? Shake it off. Finally realizing that a haircut in Harry Styles' future is highly unlikely? Shake it off. Seriously, just shake every last thing off.

This song (and video, seriously Taylor Swift and I are the same person) has made me infinitely happier than I've been all year and has reinforced the idea that Taylor and I need to be best friends. Like, I have a serious friend crush on her. I want to have a slumber party with Mindy Kaling and Taylor Swift. It would be a blast. Can somebody make this happen?



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