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1. 5 Seconds of Summer: Guitars, Good Lucks, and Screaming Girls My not-so-current obsession lives on.

2. In Fashion Ads, Plenty of Déjà Vu Seriously, I love Cara Delevigne (and her eyebrows), but I think she is on every other page in every magazine in my possession right now. 

3. Fishtail I'm about 100% sure that I'm going to have to attempt this braid sometime this week.

4. All In Ballet Pink I agree with Naomi--ballet pink is a great color! One of my favorite nail polishes is Ballet Slippers by Essie!

5. Happy Birthday, Kristen Wiig! She remains one of my favorite female comedy actresses to this day. 

6. Little White Dress This dress needs to be in my possession. Krista always looks flawless!

7. Why It Is Important To Be Nice I make a conscious effort to be nice to everybody, even those who aren't very nice to me. I find that it's just a lot easier to do so and the reward is so lovely. 

8. Birthday Girl Look at that dress!! Look at those roses!!

9. Selflessness On the other side of being nice to everybody, I realize that sometimes I'm not completely selfless (is anybody?). Sometimes it just takes a second to remove yourself from a situation and wonder 

10. Ocean Drive This just makes me so excited for fall and sweaters (even though it's paired with a skirt...and the photos are on the water...but still). 

11. Having a Cute Back to School Season I move in today and start classes on Tuesday, so needless to say, this post made me excited for everything to happen!

12. Meet Patricia Batatas Have I met my match when it comes to shopping addictions?

13. That Time I Made Peace With My Size This is so important!!!


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