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CSU, Here I Come!

Hi guys! This is my first blog post from my new dorm room *screams*. I am so pumped for this school year and it hasn't even begun yet. I don't start classes until Tuesday, so I'm spending today getting things ready in my dorm and getting reacquainted with the campus and residence life in general.

Move in weekend was a lot more calming and relaxed than last year. My mom and I enjoyed the Indians game on Saturday night. They played the Houston Astros and the game was fairly uneventful until the bottom of the ninth inning when Cleveland won on a walk-off hit. The crowd went wild and the fireworks after the game were INCREDIBLE. It was a nice welcome back to the city, that's for sure.

My dad and brother met us near campus the next morning with the remainder of my belongings right before move-in. It was a lot less hectic trying to get in and out of my residence hall this year, especially because we got to campus a wee bit early. But, people were there before us so we weren't that early apparently. 

Last year, I was completely spoiled with a really large room. My residence hall was a refurbished and every room is a bit different from another (there are 4 lofts and apparently one room has a mantel from an old fireplace!). My room this year was a "normal" sized room for the tower, so it was a bit weird moving in to a place significantly smaller than my space last year. But, I'm making it work. I quite like my cozy little nook. Plus, I've got a window sill...which is currently home to my records and record player. So much for my window seat idea!

When my room is totally set up (my guess is after this weekend), I'll do a proper sort of tour of it. For now, here's the head of my bed. The comforter is by Cynthia Rowley (the pillows came with the set) and the gray sheets are from Bon-Ton.

When do you start classes again?


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