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1. Portraits A nice look into The National Portrait Gallery. Such pretty art (and some little history lessons!)

2. Martha's Vineyard With Vineyard Vines That flag dress is incredible. The neckline reminds me a lot of my favorite J. Crew circle neck dress.

3. The Chambray Shirt Chambray shirts are my kryptonite and I love the length and color of this skirt.

4. My Style Diary: Casually Classic I want to be Carly Cristman's best friend. She is so damn chic.

5. Girl Online I am so excited for Zoe's book, and it comes out four days after my birthday! I have to figure out a way to get my hands on this.

6. Easy Approximations A Man Repeller article (or two...) are a weekly must.

7. Hustle & Heart A nice saying! Definitely keeping this in mind.

8. What Makes Someone a Fashion Icon? Man Repeller makes its second appearance...

9. Mother-Daughter Weekend in NYC What a fun way to spend time with your mom!

10. How To Stay Healthy While Traveling Since I'm going on vacation this week, I figured this post may come in handy (minus the baby).

11. Catch Bliss The pattern on the shirt is amazing.

12. July Favorites I love favorites posts and videos. It's really interesting to see somebody else round up things that they enjoyed. Gives you some great ideas for yourself!

13. What To Do When You're Bored Actually LOLed reading this because I'm a loser and it's midnight and I'm tired.

14. What To Wear When You Want to Get Fired from Your Office Job Man Repeller has a whopping 4 spots on my blog today. What can I say, the blog is the best.

What have you been reading lately?


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