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Dorm Organization

I attribute most of my success in my first year of college to good organizational skills and the other half to luck. I was really adamant about staying on top of everything, whether it was due dates, pre-scheduled exams, or the location of papers/textbooks/essentials. Making sure that I had everything that I needed readily available was an important step in my studying and homework routine. Different methods of living obviously work for different people, but this is how I kept organized my freshman year and how I will most likely continue to organize my life for as long as I need.

My academic organization can be separated into three different categories: writing utensils, miscellaneous items (post it notes, journals, etc), and textbooks and notebooks. I kept the first two on my desk in plain sight and the latter on the shelf underneath my desk.

For my textbooks and notebooks, I plan to switch to a standing magazine box like the ones pictured below. It would be a lot more efficient to see the the spines of the books and notebooks than messing up my two piles just to grab the book off of the bottom.

Nate Berkus Canvas Magazine Box x Target
On top of my desk, I keep a desk organizer for the miscellaneous items and a cup for my pens, pencils, highlighters, and any other loose desk supplies. I purchased both the organizer and pencil cup form Urban Outfitters last summer and it worked out really well for me. Kate Spade has some really pretty acrylic and rose gold desk supplies that I'm tempted to get. For a more affordable option, Design Darling also has a monogrammed acrylic pencil cup that is tempting as well!

Monogrammed Acrylic Pencil Cup x Design Darling

Kate Spade New York Acrylic Pencil Cup x Lifeguard Press

This dip-dye letter holder doesn't exactly match my room theme, but I think this is a really cute idea for a desk organizer. I would put my smaller items (post it notes, post it flags, paper clips, extra lead, etc) in the front row and my Moleskins and larger journals in the back row.

Dip-Dye Letter Holder x Urban Outfitters

As for storing other items in my dorm, that can be split up into three different sections: under my sink, on top of my dresser, and under my bed.

Plastic totes and absolute necessities for college students. They are quite possibly one of the most useful items you will use your four years in college, whether you're dorming, living in an apartment, or living at home, you're going to want at least one plastic tote. They can store whatever you need them to at any moment and can just be slipped under your bed until you need its contents.

Sterilite x Target

On top of my dresser was where I stored all of my makeup, nail polish, perfumes, and DVDs. I keep my makeup stored in two 3-drawer units. Mine are from Target, but I'm planning on ordering new acrylic ones from The Container Store. My nail polish is stored in a large box without the lid so I can see the colors with ease. I keep my perfume on top of the drawer units. My DVDs were stacked up on this mini shelf that came as part of a sink organizer from Bed, Bath and Beyond that didn't actually fit under my sink. I wanted to make use of it somehow...and I did!

3-Drawer Box x The Container Store

Under my sink I used the other half of my two bathroom organizer, which was a metal rectangle separated into two section. I had two of these under my sink to organize extra shampoo, face washes, razors, and whatever else I would possibly use in the shower or at the sink. I also kept my extra cleaning supplies in the back for ready-to-use access.

Mesh Cabinet Drawer x Bed, Bath and Beyond

What's your favorite way to stay organized? 


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