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Stocking Up For Your Dorm

If you don't have a car on campus or a convenient location of grocery stores, sometimes it's hard to get what you need for your dorm when you really need it. Trips to stores need to be conveniently planned, so if you run out of a necessity, getting it the second you need it is almost impossible with a busy schedule. That's why I always have to keep a certain stock of my absolute necessities just incase I run out and I can't get to a store right away.

What I always kept stocked in my dorm...

1. Q-tips You never think that you're going to go through an entire 250 count box of q-tips, until you realize that what you have in your room becomes your roommate's suite mate's, and floor mate's.

2. Band-aids For those times where you knick yourself with a razor whilst shaving for the first time after winter or for those pesky burns on your curling iron.

3. Ibuprofen Or any sort of over-the-counter pain reliever. You will need them in bulk, trust me. Whether it's that time of month, a splitting headache from your roommate talking loudly to her father about physics for two f-ing hours, or your sore legs after a stupidly hard Pinterest workout on the elliptical.

4. Reusable water bottles and thermal mugs They're nice to have to bring to class or keep full of water in the back of your refrigerator. And again, what is yours generally becomes everybody else's.

5. Tupperware Takeout in copious amounts is best kept in your own tupperware and it's always better to have more than less in this category. Less dishes for everybody, yay!

6. Hair ties and bobbypins Every girl knows that bobbypins mysteriously disappear in mass amounts and every girl with thick hair knows that hair ties don't last very long without stretching or snapping.

7. Plastic shopping bags For your smaller garbage cans, of course.

8. Chocolate I'd be lying if I said I didn't always have some sort of chocolatey goodness hanging around my room. It was a nice treat after a long day…or for getting myself out of bed after only hitting snooze once…or curling my hair in record time.

What I wish I had stocked up on...

1. Cold medicine You will get sick in college if you are dorming. You are around sick people on your floor, in your building, and in your classes. Even if it's a short little stint, it's always better to have medicine on hand than having to scramble out to CVS last minute, only to pay an astronomical amount because holy sh*t it's expensive to buy medicine sometimes.

2. Sprite or ginger ale Stomachaches happen along with the sickness. It was midnight, everything on campus was closed, and I had the world's most horrendous stomachache, to the point where I was too nauseous to walk. I had to wait for it to pass and promptly called my mom to tell her how I wished she was there to go out and get me some soda, despite the time.

3. Blister bandaids The transition from comfortable riding boots in the winter to boat shoes and flats during the spring is sort of the worse, especially when it's a long winter and you spent a good six to seven months wearing the boots. Blisters are going to happen and it's better to have them before you wear your shoes rather than after you already have the worst blisters probably ever.

4. Sandwich bags I would've killed for some sandwich bags to bring around some goldfish crackers to classes or for studying in the basement of my dorm.

5. Paper towels We always had a roll of paper towels at least once or twice a semester, but once those ran out, we were sort of screwed in that department. They were so useful to have, so I will no doubt have a stock of those under my sink come the end of August.

6. Batteries Always useful for remotes and calculators. I scrambled trying to find batteries for my calculator at least twice my first year of school.

What do you have to have in your room at all times?


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