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1. Watercolor Wednesday: Be Gentle With Yourself  Words to live by.

2. Why We Can't Stop Talking About…  I especially like the Kanye West and Clueless bits.

3. Our Favorite TV Shows To Binge-Watch This Summer Gilmore Girls is my kryptonite.

4. 10 Empowering Yoga Poses to Start Your Day Seems simple enough! Making yoga part of my weekly routine is on my 2014 To Do List.

5. Career Spotlight: Samantha Steen, Cami NYC Seriously, career spotlights are my favorite. It's always nice to see successful women doing their own thing.

6. Chiltern Stripes Never thought I'd say I loved a pair of palazzo pants, but I love those pants. 

7. The Psyche of a Shopper Alternatively titled The Story of My Life.

8. On Confidence So so so important.

9. Interview with Fashion Entrepreneur Taylor Ivey  Killer jackets made by a great woman.

10. New and Old Such beautiful sentiments here.

11. Questlove on the Iggy Azalea debate: 'Hip-hop is a contagious culture' I respect Questlove on every level. This was definitely an interesting read.

12. What I Instagrammed Vs. What Was Really Happening, Or My Entire Life Is A Lie Definitely made me LOL.

13. Tour College Student Augusta Dayton's Dorm Room Filed under rooms that I wish my dorm looked like. 

14. Playing Tourist I think I might need this shirt.

15. The Purge: Lip Drawer Edition This inspired me to do my own makeup collection purge.

16. The Definitive Ranking Of The Men On "Gilmore Girls" It's not a good post until Gilmore Girls is mentioned not once, but twice.

What have you been reading lately?


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