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Miscellaneous Dorm Essentials

1. Detergent - I like the pods, just for convenience purposes, but regular liquid detergent is obviously okay as well.

2. Protein bars/granola bars - Sometimes you just need a snack while you're studying or if your meals for the day weren't particularly filling. I've also found that bars are the easiest to eat during class because they aren't very noisy!

3. Reusable water bottles - These are a must for me. I fill them up with tap water and leave them in the fridge overnight. These are great to bring to class with you or for when you hit up the fitness center!

4. Yoga mat - I found this completely necessary as our dorm floors were hard as a rock and not very comfortable to exercise on.

5. Small vacuum - My floors were a dark carpeting and everybody in my suite had blonde hair, meaning hair was everywhere. We had to vacuum weekly to rid the living room/our separate rooms from the never ending amount of loose hair. You don't need a heavy duty vacuum for such a small space either, so a small Dirt Devil will do.

6. Windex - I was the only person in the room who had windex and we used it for everything. We had to clean the windows and our mirrors (our closets were mirrored sliding doors, so that was always fun cleaning) weekly. Windex was so necessary.

7. Tuppeware - You never know when you're going to have left-overs that you're going to need to store!

8. Lysol wipes - These are a serious must! We cleaned everything with these: around the toilet, the counter tops, our entertainment center, desks, dressers, basically anything we didn't clean with the windex.


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