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1. Summer Reading I'm constantly looking for new books to read, so you best bet that these are on my list.

2. Diet Mountain Dew Ugh, this post makes me so upset that I'm not heading to NYC this week like I had planned. Boo, maybe in the fall.

3. Date Night Default Monochrome has been something I've been totally into lately, whether it be all white or all black. The pop of color with the clutch is a nice touch as well!

4. How To Tell If You're Reading a Blog ManRepeller posts always make me laugh. This was no different.

5. Glastonbury Snippets I'm not too keen on music festivals (camping is NOT my thing), but if I ever went to one, it would definitely have to be Glastonbury.

6. How Do You Work Best? Carly seriously has some of the best life tips.

7. Designing A Perfect Summer KJP and Sarah Vickers are slightly less of a mystery to me now.

8. Sakara Life Food Delivery Service A very interesting read about a eating healthy. I don't think I could ever do it (such a steep price AND I'm beyond picky), but it was nice to read about!

9. Welcome Back! My Office Just one more thing of Zoella's that I absolutely want.

10. Our 10 Favorite Moments From The Devil Wears Prada  This movie is my absolute everything.

11. Outfit {Pink Scalloped Shorts} Linen AND scallops? Count me in.

12. Bow Ties & Heels to Save the Seals That custom Lilly print is TO DIE FOR.

13. French Fishtail Sidebraid I would kill to be able to do this hairstyle.


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