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1. Scarf Pairing I love scarves. I think this is, approximately, my 15th "good read" involving scarves and styling them. No shame, though, since they're a great accessory that can completely transform outfits. Take my word for that.

2. Fashion's Identity Crisis Over a Season in Flux A very interesting read AND it has some stunning pictures of new collections. Win/win? I think so.

3. Watercolor Wednesday: Roald Dahl Quote The Twits In L-O-V-E with this watercolor and the quote.

4. Brooklyn Dodgers I need to get one of this freaking skirts already! Krista styles them perfectly.

5. Pockets! They Make The World Go Round I'm a sucker for any women's clothes with functioning pockets that don't make my iPhone fall out without two seconds of moving.

6. Golden Arches: 10 Iconic Celebrity Eyebrows As an eyebrow fanatic, this article excited me.

7. New push to get girls into computer sciences Filed under Things That Are Very Important.

8. Nantucket Day Trip That dress is killer and now I really wish that hats like that would fit my abnormally large head.

9. How a 640-Pound Stash of Nail Polish Turned Essie Into a Household Name Super inspiring article about my favorite nail polish brand.

10. 8 Decorating Ideas To Steal From Instagram I'm allll about this article. Aesthetically super pleasing. I'm far too lazy to try these, but maybe some of you will!

11. Ansel Elgort Opens Up To Teen Vogue Be still my beating heart, for Ansel Elgort is almost (if not completely) perfect.

12. Summer Obsessions: Our Seasonal Favorites It's summer now! Time to enjoy the changing of the seasons!

What have you been reading lately?


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