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Food Trucks & Marinas

These are two things that probably don't sound like they go together at all. In all honesty, they probably don't, but my friends and I wanted something new to do and this unlikely combo turned out to be a fabulous idea. At Larkin Square in Buffalo every Tuesday from the end of May to October is appropriately dubbed Food Truck Tuesday. It is just as heavenly as it sounds. Basically, it is a bunch of food trucks gathered in this square and you can just go nuts. There is food for everyone here.

Overwhelmed by the lines and never-ending options of food, my friends and I opted for chicken finger plates this time around. Next time I go I'll for sure have to try out the other trucks. There was one for strictly macaroni and cheese and a couple of Thai trucks. Also, quite a few gelato stands. If I haven't said this on this blog yet, I love gelato.

I would like to emphasize how packed this square was. People were eating at tables, on the sidewalks, even planting themselves down in the grass to have a makeshift picnic. My friends and I actually ate on a ledge because we couldn't find a spot on the ground or anywhere in the square.

Under this wooden shelter there were gorgeous pots of hanging flowers that reminded me so much of summer and the warm months. I loved the atmosphere under here and there was a band playing that made it even better!

After we finished up at the square, we went down to the water front. After driving around for a while trying to find a spot, we walked along the Naval Base and the marina.

It was the absolute perfect weather on our walk. It got a bit windy toward the end, but it was sunny and beautiful out. It didn't rain once on our walk (though it did end up storming later on in the night).

Last year for a field trip in our Biology class, we took a boat along the Buffalo River and out past that lighthouse! It was easily the most relaxing field trip ever and my friend's and I reminisced about it on our walk.

I'm so glad that we decided to go do something new and exciting yesterday! As much as we all love a good movie marathon, sometimes getting out and doing something new is just what you need. Props to my friend Emma for being the decision maker on this trip. She stepped up and ended up making it a great day.


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