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1. 100 Tips for Life I especially like numbers 5, 46, 62, 66, 68, 83, 96 and 97.

2. 21 Problems All Sarcastic People Will Understand  My first year RA told me upon first meeting me that my sense of humor was an acquired taste, so I completely understand #1…and the 20 following it.

3. The "Frozen" Obsession and the Song "Let It Go" This line just about sums it up: "Another 99 cent piece of my dignity gone. Whatever. Let it go."

4. My Event With Cosmopolitan + Bebe! I love Carly Cristman's style and the way that she writes her posts. They sound like she's having a casual conversation with you and I love that. She's funny and zany and, obviously, has seriously incredible style.

5. Glimpse of Myself  Carly completely nails this idea of becoming better versions of ourselves. 

6. A Breakfast Revolution I absolutely love breakfast and this post gave me some new ideas to have some healthier options. 

7. What To Wear To A Baseball Game I always struggle when it comes to picking out outfits for baseball games. I want to show pride for my team and I want to look cute and I want to be comfortable. Krista does a fantastic job incorporating all three criterion. 


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