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Fuchsia In Rage

I'm all about those "treat yourself" moments in life. Those little rewards that you give yourself after you believe that you've completed something incredible or just because you recognize that you deserve the finer things sometimes. My "treat yourself" moments happen more often than not and at this point should have probably lost all meaning. Alas, they have not!

My friend and I went to the mall on Friday and I tried to behave myself. It is very hard to stay calm and collected in a mall that has J. Crew, Anthropologie, and a real Sephora. I was very attached to a dress in J. Crew that I will (im)patiently wait for at the factory store. Anthropologie made me almost cry and shake my head for about ten minutes at the price tags. I almost bought a monogrammed mug because they never have the letter F when I go in, but I told myself that I didn't need a mug, let alone one that was $8. Apparently, I've become stingy when it comes to dish ware.

Then it happened: Sephora. I was ogling the Hourglass section and on the other side of the display case was where my dreams and nightmares collided. I gazed upon the golden tubes of YSL products and probably began salivating at the mouth. The employees definitely should have been worried about the well-being of the products in the general vicinity of my mouth at that point. I had wanted a YSL lipstick for so long, but the Sephora inside of my JcPenney has a very limited selection that definitely doesn't include YSL. I resorted to looking at pictures online and hoping that one day I would just go for it and place an order online. I never did, yet the pining for the Rouge Volupté Shine never subsided. 

If I couldn't justify purchasing an $8 mug, I don't know how in the hell I told myself that buying a $35 lipstick was any better. But there I was, swatching the colors on the back of my hand, completely loving life. They all applied so smoothly that I considered buying all four until I realized that 1. I would hate myself the second I got to the car and 2. I literally would have had no money for dinner left. The color I chose was my absolute favorite and I've been wearing it so often.

My shade is number 19, Fuchsia in Rage. The color in the tube is very deceiving because it looks like a very intimidating and unwearable purple. In reality, it applies to, not surprisingly, fuchsia. It's a gorgeous spring and summer color, and doesn't feel heavy on my lips at all. My lips have been chapped to the extreme as of late and I was worried about this lipstick looking back with flaky lips. Nope! I have no problems applying this over a light layer of balm. You can't even tell that my lips are chapped. I believe in miracles…

This wasn't the most justifiable purchases, though I did attribute it to working hard all semester and not getting any lower than an A-. Sometimes you just need to buy yourself something nice to remind yourself that you deserve the best. And if somebody else won't buy it for you, then buy it yourself! 


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